Aero Gearbox International is a 50/50 joint venture established by Rolls-Royce plc and Safran Transmission Systems to design, develop, produce and support the Accessory Drive Train (ADT) transmission system for all future Rolls-Royce civil aerospace gas turbine engines.

Aero Gearbox International has an exclusive supply contract for an initial 25-year term that initially includes providing the ADT transmission system for the Trent 7000 (powering the Airbus A330-NEO), the Trent XWB (powering the Airbus A350 XWB) and business jet applications.

Our vision is to create “Optimised Accessory Drive Train Solutions for the Future”. We develop ADT’s that are optimally integrated into the total engine architecture and provide system level benefits.


Executive committee

Andrew Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Yann Segard

Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer

Guillaume Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Walter

Chief Technical Officer



The ADT transmission system is a key engine module which provides mechanical energy to drive essential systems within the aircraft, including fuel pumps, lubrication systems, the starter and the power generation system.

Aero Gearbox International performs three key activities;

  • SERVICES & MRO (3)

  1. Using proven technology from our parents we are integrated within both our customer projects and our supply chain. This means we are uniquely positioned to deliver ADT designs optimised to the engine architecture.
  2. We are constructing a state of the art competitive manufacturing facility. This facility will be focused on the production of the ADT with world class HS&E, cost, quality and delivery metrics.
  3. We take the millions of hours of in-flight and physical overhaul experience from our parents and use our engineering expertise to develop innovative new techniques to improve in service performance and reliability.
  • KEY
    • Trent 7000 /  Airbus A330neo


  • localisation

    France – 18 Boulevard Louis
    Seguin 92 700 Colombes
  • localisation

    UK – plc PO Box 31
    Derbyshire DE24 8BJ
  • localisation

    Germany  – Eschenweg 11
    15827 Blankenfelde-Mahlow
  • AGIP

    Poland – ul 3 Przemysłowa
    39-100 Ropczyce




Lean & agile company.
Standalone organization.
Simple & efficient processes.



Customer at the heart of our business.



Encourage diversity and inclusion.
Empower and develop our people.



Doing what we say we will.
It demands care, consistency, courage and competence.



Curious, challenging, unafraid of failure, open-minded, able to change with pace.


Aero Gearbox International is a Joint Venture partnership created by two leading international high-technology aerospace companies.

The Aero Gearbox International group will focus on Accessory Drive Train (“AD”) activities for Rolls-Royce civil engines addressing the entire product lifecycle, including engineering, production, product support and services and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) activities.

The Aero Gearbox International group will establish and maintain over time its position as a world leader in ADT transmission systems.

Aero Gearbox International has been established to gather parent’s respective and complementary skills and experiences to allow the design, manufacture and support of world-leading accessory drive train transmission systems. Achieving outstanding customer quality is an Aero Gearbox International key objective, and is defined as

Providing safe, reliable and competitive products and services that are right first time, delivered on time, and provide value for our customer.
This key objective is declined through 4 major strategic themes:

  • Customer satisfaction based on:
    • Focusing on customer needs, added value and customer satisfaction,
    • Respecting our own commitments in terms of Quality, Delivery (On Time), Cost, and Technological Competitiveness.
  • Shareholder satisfaction based on:
    • Reviewing regularly business performance against our goals (Annual Budget, Mid & Long Term Plan)
    • Managing all risks and initiate all necessary action plan to mitigate major risk
    • lmplementing efficient Communicating to increase general efficiency
  • Lean Processes and continuous improvement based on:
    • Maintaining dynamic continuous improvement on products, processes, and technologies
    • Operating clear, simple and lean business processes
  • Work as a Team based on:
    • Gathering skilled, experienced, and motivated staff and providing the best possible environment for their development and success.


Aero Gearbox International is a 50/50 joint venture established by Rolls-Royce plc and Safran Transmission Systems to design, develop, produce and support the Accessory Drive Train (ADT) transmission system for all future Rolls-Royce civil aerospace gas turbine engines.

Ensuring the safety and security of visitors, employees and all persons who contribute to the activity of our sites and respecting the environment are objectives that must be met by each and every one of us and shall remain a priority for the company.

The policy is executed by:

  • Improve our environment by taking into account the impact of processes, products, equipment and working conditions from the design stage
  • Identification and monitoring of Health, Safety and Environment hazards and risk mitigation
  • Comply with legal regulation, principles and other requirements related to Heath, Safety and Environment
  • Responsibility for own and the other employees health and safety during daily work
  • Ensure the safety of personnel through continuous improvement of working conditions and adapted medical assistance
  • Commit to an open dialogue with all stakeholders, employees and providers. Operate with a no blame culture
  • Communicate with external and internal interested parties and experts regarding all issues that may have an impact on Health, Safety and Environment
  • Reduce our energy consumption and emissions generated by our activity
  • Limit waste and reuse or recycle as much as possible
  • Comply with Rolls-Royce and Safran / Safran Transmission Systems’ standards
  • Involve everyone in the active reporting of incidents and accidents as well as corrective and preventive actions
  • Ensure adequate resources and appropriate training for the policy execution


We are looking for talented, enthusiastic people to join Aero Gearbox International Poland sp zoo. Positions are available in a variety of functions, please click the link below to see the latest offerings.