Quality policy

Aero Gearbox International is a Joint Venture partnership created by two leading international high-technology aerospace companies.

The Aero Gearbox International group will focus on Accessory Drive Train (“AD”) activities for Rolls-Royce civil engines addressing the entire product lifecycle, including engineering, production, product support and services and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) activities.

The Aero Gearbox International group will establish and maintain over time its position as a world leader in ADT transmission systems.

Aero Gearbox International has been established to gather parent’s respective and complementary skills and experiences to allow the design, manufacture and support of world-leading accessory drive train transmission systems. Achieving outstanding customer quality is an Aero Gearbox International key objective, and is defined as

Providing safe, reliable and competitive products and services that are right first time, delivered on time, and provide value for our customer.
This key objective is declined through 5 major strategic themes:

  • Customer satisfaction based on:
    • Focusing on customer needs, added value and customer satisfaction,
    • Respecting our own commitments in terms of Quality, Delivery (On Time), Cost, and Technological Competitiveness.
  • Shareholder satisfaction based on:
    • Reviewing regularly business performance against our goals (Annual Budget, Mid & Long Term Plan)
    • Managing all risks and initiate all necessary action plan to mitigate major risk
    • lmplementing efficient Communicating to increase general efficiency
  • Lean Processes and continuous improvement based on:
    • Maintaining dynamic continuous improvement on products, processes, and technologies
    • Operating clear, simple and lean business processes